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Raw Snacks and Treats – A Healthy Alternative to Junk Food!

Does chocolate fudge, lemon cheesecake or pineapple dessert cake sound tempting to you? Although your mouth may be watering at the thought, you may also be wary about all of the fat, sugar and lack of nutrition in desserts like these. However, what if you knew you could enjoy rich, delicious desserts without any guilt or extra pounds? The truth is, you can! There are many ways to create unbelievably delicious treats with simple, all-natural, raw ingredients. […]

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Dangerous Ingredients In Food

Dangerous ingredients in food are plentiful. This is just a small list of what you should avoid when you read labels. And it is important that you read labels. Propylene Glycol Alginate This ingredient is found in many different types of food as an emulsifier (thickening agent). You may find it in certain salad dressings, beverages, and yogurts. The source it is derived from, the kelp plant, may be natural but this particular ingredient can have some […]

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Date – A Wonder Fruit of Arabia

Dates are the fruits of the date palm tree which is a food of high nutritional value. They are used abundantly in the month of Ramadan when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. The sweetness of the date takes the edge off hunger and this is another reason why fasts are opened with dates. This prevents a person from overeating after he has opened his fast. Dates contain calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, magnesium, volatile […]

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The Super Food Goodness of Blueberries

Blueberries are more than a scrumptious, piquant addition to a fruit plate. Moses Taylor Hospital in Pennsylvania reports, "One serving of blueberries contains a cup full of goodness." Here's why they are good for you: – One cup of blueberries has 15% of your daily vitamin C requirement. – One cup contains 14% of required daily dietary fiber. – Blueberries have no cholesterol or fat. – They are low in calories. Blueberries are the nutrition supply houses […]

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The Benefits and Advantages of Eating Healthy Food

One should never underestimate the importance of eating healthy food. There are so many benefits but why are there so many people still not eating right? Why has obesity and heart diseases become such a huge factor? Although the statistics are clear, people still refuse to change their life styles. Eating healthy food may become a struggle, especially when there are so many fast food restaurants everywhere we turn. Often people make excuses like they do not […]

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The Natural Anti-Inflammatory Diet Breakfast

One of the secrets of relieving pain and chronic inflammation is understanding the potential of your kitchen. This is the food your prepare in your home and eat to rebuild your body. Just open your fridge, pause, and look at what your body will be made of tomorrow. Food for thought? Good – Now we can get started. In this article we will create a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant breakfast that will give you energy and […]

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