It is Important to Ask, "Why is Salt Bad For the Body"?

We seem to crave it, so why is salt bad for the body? Our bodies require a certain amount of salt in order to function properly. It is a necessary electrolyte. It is true that at times our bodies crave salt, however, generally the amount of salt that we need can be found naturally occurring in the foods that we eat.

Most people add large amounts of salt to the foods that they eat. It is recommended that we consume no more than te teaspoon of salt per day in order to maintain balanced health. Most people use at least four times that amount, and some much more. It is important to know that fast food and processed foods contain extremely high amounts of sodium. The addition of this salt is primarily for the purpose of extending the shelf life of the food or for adding flavor to a lesser quality food.

The problem with this is that the consumer generally does not know that more has been added and the additional salt can not be tasted. Now what ends up happening is that when the salt is removed, this same food will seem bland. Not to mention that we are now used to foods which are very salty. Now when we switch to healthier food options without all the extra added salt for a short time these foods will seem flavorless to us. However in a short time we will become accustomed to using less salt, and when there is too much we will be able to taste it.

Overuse of salt is said to be a factor in the development of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Salt also encourages the body to maintain fluids. This fluid can become trapped around the heart causing heart failure. Excessive use of salt causes the kidneys to work harder in order to process it. Overuse of salt can be very harmful and even fatal to very small children.

The best way to avoid the over consumption of salt is to prepare our own meals. Try to avoid purchasing foods which are only available in cans. Avoid or at lease severely limit fast food restaurants. If you must add some salt to your food use unrefined sea salt, and be conscious of how much you use. You will quickly be, accustomed to using less salt. You will feel better, be healthier and your body will thank you for it.

Article Writer: Trevor Johnson